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Startup Laboratory Workshop
Independent Analysis of your Startup


We will help you assess your startup idea from an independent position, validating the solution and testing whether your target market even has an interest. This is a workshop without a sales pitch.

1. Starting Up

Is your company or startup planning on innovating in the mobile app space? Wondering how to do it right from the get-go or need some help on the logistics of it all? Let us introduce to you our new hands-on, interactive and enjoyable Startup Laboratory Workshop! With morning and afternoon sessions available to suit your schedule our workshop is executed across 2 half-days, ultimately giving you the most personalised experience based on your brands individual needs.

2. Australia-wide

We hold workshops in major cities Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane bringing in the best of the industry best to put your startup under the microscope and validate all of your ideas by working with you closely.

3. MVP

We help you define your app into its minimum viable product, that is we filter through all your ideas for possible features within the app and narrow them down to the fundamental core features that the first release of your app needs to have to function effectively and become a saleable but still compelling application on your choice of iOS and/or Android.

Why MVP?

4. Creating or Fine-Tuning your Vision

We understand that everyone’s app journey is different and that the process from your initial precious idea to the beginning stages of development can be overwhelming as you’re continuously flooded with all the thoughts on possible features, services, users and solutions your app could offer to the current market issues and no one to talk about it with at the risk of them stealing your idea. Don’t worry your secret is safe with us! So whether your app is currently in its early brainstorming stage where you have a bunch of loosely tied thoughts or you’re pretty sure of what you want your app to be and do, we’re here to help get it to the next stage! We can help you no matter what stage you’re at, whether it be helping you rack your brain for the perfect name or tweaking your mission statement to best attract your target market.

5. The Lean Business Model Canvas

Once your vision is clear, we then implement all the little details into two different business models. This is where we identify your customer segments, all the issues your customer may face and ways your app will provide a solution to these customer pains in the form of products and services that will give you a leg up on your competitors and truly set you apart from the rest! We go in-depth in discussing barriers to the market and pitfalls to give you a better understanding of your target customers, customer relationships, key metrics, partners and activities; all the while helping you define your unique value propositions, develop marketing strategies and find the best channels to reach your target market. We also give you a better idea of cost structures and revenue streams to help you understand the development cost of your app and the possible revenue it could bring in.

6. Lean Start-Up

We acknowledge that there’s a lot of unknowns at the beginning of any business plan. This is why we begin with filtering all of the ‘good guesses’ into the business model canvas framework to devise how the product can create value for your customers, as well as set it apart from any other solution that already exists. We implement the build-measure-learn feedback loop, customer development, validated learning and an MVP to name a few, to test all your ideas and conduct research on the business plan, consumers and the product. This shows us slight tweaks, adjustments or pivots we must make to get you closer to your product market fit; that is the point of development where you have found the product that your customers really want and would be at a loss without.

Why Lean Start-Up?


We bring in independent experts with countless years of experience in the tech and start-up worlds, but also give our professional expertise and insights to help you validate your app idea.


Stuart Kidd, CEO

I have been living and breathing mobile apps since 2010 and dazzling clients in web development since 1996, working alongside many large UK banks while pioneering in internet audio and video broadcasting. I have a healthy passion for User Experience and all things detail.


Alexander Karan, CTO

Building apps for me is all about the challenge. I love the whole process from making it work to pushing it up in the rankings on the app store. I first got immersed in the tech space as a kid pulling apart the TV and since then, I have not stopped. I can’t wait to hear your ideas and see where we can take them.


Olivier Voyer, CIO

An everlasting enthusiasm for new challenges and an insatiable zealousness for new technologies and finding the finest solutions to solve complex problems. My motto is “Nothing is impossible! Everything is a matter of motivation, time or budget. Or a mix of the three!”

“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.”
– Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa

Ready to Book a Workshop?

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