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Promotional Mobile App Videos

Promotional Mobile App Videos

In a fast-paced digital world where nobody has time to read absolutely everything, promotional app videos have become an integral part of a mobile app launch. Hey, nobody is reading this? People are still reading content and learning but they’re quite picky on what they focus on.  If they can get by without reading long introductions and watching a video instead then that’s the direction they will choose.

In November 2015, the amount of videos consumed daily on Facebook hit 8 billion views. Snapchat has even more video views, they hit 10 billion in early 2016. Promotion mobile app videos, yay or nay? Surely yay.

When I first started using the internet in 1994 there were no videos, in fact I was quite excited when some animations first were seen back in 1996 (Java!).  Since then things have moved fast on the internet and nowadays video is everywhere.

These days video marketing techniques are plenty. Almost any type of business can benefit from video promotion to introduce their products or services. It’s been proved time and again that people are more likely to engage with a video rather than images with text.  Online marketing through video marketing is a key element in a mobile app launch.  Your video can be used on Snapchat, Facebook, your website, Twitter – anywhere you can post it in fact.

Video marketing will help you convey your message to your customers in a concise way, allowing you to easily make it clear to them what you are offering. A promotional app video isn’t only about it going viral – it’s about getting your message across so that your viewers understand your product.

Stuart Kidd

Stuart Kidd is Founder of Apps Ppl and Everythere. He has a long background in mobile app development and he co-founded Australia's first mobile app development and funding company to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).