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Search Engine Optimisation

Grow your business online with a consistent, long-term stream of qualified website visitors

SEO is a cost-efficient, long-term solution to grow your business online. It delivers more visibility, more leads and more revenue. For best results, you need a strategy that includes understanding users’ online behaviours, fixing on-site SEO issues and using digital PR. We must also continually monitor results and adjust tactics to ensure success. If you’re ready for more revenue, click ‘Let’s Get Started’ now.

What Our Clients Say

“We are happy that we made a business decision to start working with Apps Ppl and invest in SEO. We see it as a long term strategy that continuously helps Mailerlite increase its customer base at a much lower cost than for example Google Adwords. In 2017 we are increasing SEO campaign budget three times in order to grow more.”

Ilma Nausedaite, COO at MailerLite

SEO Expertise that Delivers Results

We specialise in every area of SEO to make your business grow online


We work with our clients to determine realistic targets for your business. We are experts in creating effective strategies that focus on end user’s experience to hit KPIs.


We perfectly balance your website content to meet search engine requirements, that get your website ranked, and fulfil the needs of your end users.


We create a Customer Journey Map that determines our digital PR and link building tactics. Users reach your site with the right expectations so conversions are maximised.

How We Create Long-Lasting Results

We go further than simply perfecting your SEO. We focus on maximising ROI by optimising for conversions, not just higher Google rankings.

Buyer Personas

We create sophisticated buyer personas which allow us to optimise your marketing by targeting specific segments of your audience.

Buyer’s Journey Mapping

Our customer journey mapping framework identifies how customers interact with your business. This allows us to analyse and improve touchpoints.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers by creating relevant and reliable content that builds credibility and trust as well as engaging and selling.

RACE Framework

RACE framework stands for Reach, Act, Convert, Engage. It allows us to improve your results across the full customer lifecycle.

Your Data. Our Knowledge. A Winning Strategy.

By working in partnership we create winning strategies

We don’t believe in one-off sales. We talk about partners rather than customers. We focus on strategies that bring long-term success, not one-off achievements. We develop strategies that maximise engagement, accessibility and ROI by combining your data with our knowledge and expertise.

Expert Tools to Deliver Success

The best results require the best tools. We combine enterprise level tools together with expert knowledge. Our experienced specialists are trained in industry best practices and we invest in the best digital marketing intelligence, including:

Google Analytics is used for initial analysis as well as monitoring the optimisation process and user behaviour. It’s also used to measure performance and evaluate if any strategy adjustments are required.

Ahrefs allows for competitive analysis and off-site optimisation. It helps us to understand if link and authority building tactics are already in place. We can monitor competitors link profiles and assess websites before building client’s links.

SimilarWeb’s digital marketing intelligence supports us in growing your market share. We can determine where traffic sources are underused and what potential they have.

We use SEMrush to identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses with SEO and PPC. It helps us to uncover new keyword opportunities.

We use Google Search Console for content optimisation. We monitor which keywords your potential customers are searching for and uncover the intention behind specific landing pages. Additionally, it is used for tracking a website’s technical health.

SEO That Delivers Results

MailerLite – Global SAAS Growth Driven By High Impact SEO Strategy

MailerLite set an ambitious goal of becoming a market leader in their industry. To achieve this goal, they needed to improve their performance in organic search results.
</br/>This was challenging, as there were large brands and strong competition already present. They also had a relatively new site with less authority than their competitors.

Our experienced team established a unique SEO strategy to specifically help them. The results speak for themselves. MailerLite’s investment in year 2016 was just over €10,000 and we delivered a return of over €1 million of new signups.

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Our Team of SEO Specialists

Meet the team of specialists who have years of experience developing and implementing results-driven SEO strategies

Head of SEO

I love helping businesses grow through digital strategies. I specialise in strategy development and technical SEO.

Inbound Link Building & Digital PR Team Lead

Performance marketing is my passion: Off-site optimisation, user intent and connecting brands with their users.

Senior Technical SEO Consultant

I analyse websites from a technical perspective, finding and correcting problems that cause low rankings.

SEO Team Leader

I love that with SEO you need to always be on top of your game. I love seeing businesses grow because of our work.


How will SEO influence the growth of my business? And how quickly will it happen?

The pace of the growth depends on competition in the market and any SEO work that has been already done. Generally, it takes about 6 months to start seeing the first results. This can mean a fiscal uplift of anything from a few percent to hundreds. Results are long lasting and they will grow over time. Get in touch to understand how the results can benefit you.

What is a better way to start my digital marketing campaign – SEO or PPC?

The answer depends on your business goals and expectations. PPC results become visible very quickly, but you have to pay for every click. Once you stop paying, results will disappear. SEO results take longer to impact, but are also more long-term with a higher ROI. Once you’ve implemented your SEO campaign, you will still reap the rewards. For best results we usually recommend a combination of both strategies.

What’s the cost?

Costs vary depending on a number of factors. We determine the best investment level based on your current situation, your competitors, geographic regions you want to rank in, keywords you want to rank for, your business strategy, expectations and other factors.

What role do I have to play in SEO campaign?

In order to achieve the best results, there needs to be a level of partnership. This includes:
– Implementing any recommendations for your website structure. If they are not implemented or take a long time to update, your campaign results may stall
– Posting content that we have prepared, such as updates to your website, news section or blog

360° Strategy to Deliver Success

While focusing on SEO, our thorough and diverse team have expertise in complementary skillsets to deliver success.

Overall Digital Strategy

Success starts with an in-depth and customised strategy. We build unique digital marketing plans that consistently achieve goals.


Paid advertising is a quick and effective way to jumpstart success. We are certified Google partners, showing our expertise, knowledge and commitment to achieve the best results for you.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

After sending traffic to your site, we make sure that visitors become customers. We understand which site elements encourage consumers to buy more. Meaning more conversions and more revenue.

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