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Cruise Control App

Cruise Control App

Cruise Control is designed to provide you with a safe and trouble-free journey anywhere in Australia. Whether it is a long drive, a short trip or ducking around the corner. The app promotes safe driving by alerting you of the location of mobile speed cameras (WA metro & South West) and fixed speed cameras as you approach. Helping you stay under the speed limit. The App operates and updates itself in the background, so you don’t need to have the App open for it to function.


For just $2.99 you could potentially save yourself  from a $100, $200 or $300+ speeding fine! Cruise Control will tell you where to find the nearest petrol station, the nearest hospital, and the nearest Driver Reviver location. The App has a duress button that will tell you your exact location and an additional button that automatically calls the local emergency service.


Cruise Control is packed with useful information that Cruise Control captures directly from official government and company web-sites around Australia. Updated weekly, it’s ensured that the information is always current.




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