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Mobile App Fireside Chat

Mobile app fireside chat

Mobile App Fireside Chat

Day to day life in an office can have its ups and downs but those employers who excel in creating positive workplace environments are often rewarded by reaping the benefits of engaged and ambitious employees. These employees tend to have their creative brains massaged and they’re able to spot opportunities more easily. If given the right tools then their creative juices just might turn into cost savings for the business.

We offer an inspirational Fireside Chat, where we come to your office and chat for 60 to 90 minutes about business mobile application development process and how great apps can be used to save businesses shed-loads of cash. During our chat we talk about MVPs (minimum viable products), how to validate an idea, timeframes to develop, costings and launch.

It’s encouraged for employers to embrace this fun session by providing their team with refreshments (coffees, smoothies, croissants etc) – an act that will signal your belief in innovation within your workplace.

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Stuart Kidd

Stuart Kidd is Founder of Apps Ppl and Everythere. He has a long background in mobile app development and he co-founded Australia's first mobile app development and funding company to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).